The past few weeks have been packed to the rafters with facilitation, discussion, and study.

I have:

  • co-delivered the first public sessions of Foresight Fundamentals for HR with Reanna Browne of Work Futures
  • spent a few days on Ngunnawal Country talking with public servants about communicating effectively
  • completed my first intensive study for my Masters of Therapeutic Arts Practice on Experiencing and Relational Presence.

I arrived to this study with an intellectual understanding of presencing, that state of attention where we come into relationship with ourselves, each other, and what is ready to emerge. I first came across presencing during my foresight studies through Otto Scharmer’s work on Theory U. In a nutshell, presencing is a practice of noticing and attending to what is ready to emerge in this moment.

Over six days of experiential learning, I gained a whole new appreciation of presencing by experiencing it from the body up. This involved slowing down, befriending silence, and tuning my antennae to attend to what is coming up for me, what is showing up in others, and what is happening in the space between us.

The learnings from this deep dive are still rippling out, shaping:

  • how I approach my work (using flexible frameworks, lightly held)
  • my understanding of the value I offer (being in relation with others in a way that allows surprising and unexpected insights to emerge)
  • the way I structure offerings to support emergence (allowing more time in our inquiries for spaciousness, reflection, and stillness), and
  • my relationship with myself (connecting with and trusting my instincts).

This new learning journey begins as Wabi Sabi Futures celebrates 5 years of existence. Over this time, Wabi Sabi Futures has met a few key inflection points and growth spurts, and I suspect another is upon us.

This month I am listening to these learnings, and reimagining what Wabi Sabi Futures offers in response, exploring at the intersection of futures & foresight, change leadership, and arts-based practice.

“A blend of the words ‘presence’ and ‘sensing,’ presencing signifies a heightened state of attention that allows individuals and groups to operate from a future space of possibility that they feel wants to emerge. Being able to facilitate that shift is the essence of leadership today.”
 Otto Scharmer, Uncovering the Blind Spot of Leadership

What’s happening

Beginning next month, I will be leading an intimate 5 week coaching program to deepen your ability to lead from this place of presencing.

Drawing on elements of foresight, change leadership and therapeutic arts practice, we’ll explore how you can navigate through the complexity of a current challenge you are facing in leading or enabling change.

Places are strictly limited to a maximum of 5 people. Secure your spot here.

1 community-supported place will be available (no fee attached) to make this program accessible for people of all means. Please get in touch if you would like to join this program but the cost is a barrier.

What I’m reading

In August, the Futures Book Club is cracking the spine on Thinking About the Future. This is a classic text introducing foundational foresight concepts from two legends of the Houston foresight program, Andy Hines & Peter Bishop.

You can read along on your own, but to get the full value join the Book Club today to discuss the book with me and other keen readers, and access our full list of recommended futures reads.

Right now the cost to join the Club is less than a cup of coffee each month, but this may change… if you’re on the fence, join us now to lock in your membership at this low price.