Hello friends,

Things may have been quiet in my published writings, but I’ve been head down working behind the scenes.

I’ve recently begun tutoring for University of Technology Sydney (UTS), on a fantastic new undergrad subject called Envisioning Futures Worth Wanting. It’s a great initiative bringing together students from many disciplines working together to explore hopeful future visions.

I’ve also started developing futures and foresight content for Monash Business School, as part of their Master of Enterprise. This is a new program for people feeling annoyed with the state of the world and who want to do something about it.

Oh – and I began March with my first dive back into large-scale facilitation since the before times! I had the pleasure of joining Sustainability Victoria, Melbourne Water, and 75 futures practitioners and long-term thinkers working across the Victorian Government. We created a Futures Bazaar, exploring what we would value in different futures. It was a highly enjoyable day, and beautifully documented by the SV team in this article.

Futures Book Club

As you know, I love to read (well, I love to start books, but don’t always finish them…)

As I’ve been busy building a book fort around my desk as I keep looking for references, I realised that what I love even more than reading is talking to other people about what I’m reading.

So I asked the internet if there was anyone else who’d like to get involved in a futures book club, expecting a handful of people at most to be interested.

Within 24 hours I had over 50 folk wanting in.

So! Introducing my latest (and favourite) side project started as a way to procrastinate: The Futures Book Club.

There’s a lot of energy for this, so I’ll be getting it up and running quick (well, as soon as I’ve met my current deadline…)