To answer this question, we need to zoom out – wayyyy out.

In 2002, astronomers from John Hopkins University set out to answer this question by taking a census of all the observable light in the universe to calculate the average colour.

The answer: Cosmic Latte, a beige-white that would look at home in your local hardware store paint sample cards:

Cosmic Latte, at your service

At least, the universe is Cosmic Latte for now. Like everything, this changes over time:

“The universe started out young and blue, and grew gradually redder as the population of evolved ‘red’ giant stars built up…

As the star-formation rate continues to decline and more stars become red giants the color of the Universe will become redder and redder. Eventually all stars will disappear and nothing will be left but black holes.”

One of the common aspects of both foresight and creative practice I love is shifting back and forth between zooming in and zooming out.

Not surprisingly, the start of the new year has me zooming out this week as I refine my direction and listen for what’s changing.

As part of this nudge in direction, I’m now offering myself as a Learning Partner to support individuals and small teams leading change in complex environments.