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Wabi Sabi Futures facilitates exploration at the edge of where futures, foresight, change leadership, and arts practice intersect.

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Futures & Foresight

Become more resilient by taking a longer-term view in how you make decisions today.

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Change leadership

Develop your capability to lead adaptive change in uncertain times.

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Creative practice

Get out of your head and into your body with playful, creative, and expressive methods.

Let’s use creative ways to sense what’s changing

I can help you:

– grow your futures and foresight skillset

– develop greater agency and find new pathways forward on complex challenges

– shape the future as it emerges

– lead change in uncertain times

Futures Sampler for Change Agents

Get a taste of five different tools from the world of futures and foresight that you can incorporate into the way you navigate change.

This is a friendly, playful, and curiosity-inspiring experience.

Futures Book Club

We bring together people working and studying in futures and foresight, adjacent spaces, and futures-curious folk.

Get great book recommendations, join reflective discussions, and swap notes with other curious minds.


Thinking Out Loud

Experiencing Presence

Experiencing Presence

The past few weeks have been packed to the rafters with facilitation, discussion, and study. I have: co-delivered the first public sessions of Foresight Fundamentals for HR with Reanna Browne of Work Futures​ spent a few days on Ngunnawal Country talking with public...

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The Wabi Sabi experience

Wabi Sabi Futures

Wabi Sabi Futures facilitates exploration at the edge of where futures, foresight, change leadership, and arts practice intersect.

I live and work on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung, part of the Kulin nation, in Naarm (modern-day Melbourne).

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Futures Book Club


Futures Sampler for Change Agents

Thinking Out Loud



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